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Quality Assured Blood

Quality Assured Blood™ (QAB) is a concept that means that if you need a transfusion, you will receive the safest blood available.

Always a perfect match

Your blood is unique in its composition. In addition to A, B, O and Rh types, there are as many as 100 or more subtypes. The chances of obtaining a transfusion from an unrelated stranger where all the subtypes match may be as high as 1 in 100,000. You will not form harmful antibodies or have a transfusion reaction when you receive your own blood. You cannot contract a new disease from your own blood.

Tests performed on stored blood

Routine analysis includes the following tests:

An additional 24-test blood profile is optional and recommended to screen for other undetected medical problems, should you wish to donate your blood to others.

Infectious donors

Despite increased testing it is not possible to entirely eliminate infectious donors. Tests to detect diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are performed initially on refrigerated donated blood, but these diseases may remain undetectable for up to six months in infected individuals. During this time a carrier might not be detected and his blood could be transfused to unsuspecting recipients. Because refrigerated blood must be used within 42 days, there is no opportunity to later re-test the donor prior to the use of the donated blood.