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Services and Fees


Service Fee
Phlebotomy $40.00
Red blood cell glycerolization for freezing $520.00
Deglycerolization of red blood cells for transfusion $330.00
Fresh frozen plasma processing $55.00


Service Fee
Infectious disease testing panel $194.00
Complete blood count (optional) $20.00
Chem-Screen 18 panel $25.00
Chem-Screen 25 panel $35.00

Long-term storage

Service Fee
Yearly storage for red blood cells (glycerolized red cells may be stored below -65 °C for ten years) $360.00 per unit
Six-month storage for red blood cells $180.00 per unit
Storage for fresh frozen plasma (one year only) $240.00 per unit
Short-term storage (35 days or less; applies only to non-frozen whole blood; includes collection and processing) $225.00 per unit


Service Fee
Withdrawal during regular office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm EST) $100.00
Withdrawal on weekends, holidays, or evenings (i.e., after 6:00pm EST) $200.00
Shipping (New York State only) [1] Varies

DNA testing

Service Fee
Allele sizing test $300.00
Paternity test First child $500.00
Each additional child $150.00

HIV testing

Fees include phlebotomy in addition to pre- and post-test counseling

Service Fee
HIV-1 with confirmation $105.00
HIV-1/2 with confirmation $115.00


  1. Delivery fees vary by ZIP code. Please contact us for more information.