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Anonymous Donor Profiles

Short profiles

A short profile is a two-page summary of the donor's questionnaire. Short profiles for each donor are available at no cost via the donor catalog.

Long profiles

A long profile is a copy of the donor's questionnaire, containing his detailed three-generation medical and genetic history. The family members described in the long profile generally include the donor's parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

In addition to medical and genetic information, the long profile includes biographical information, such as the donor's physical characteristics, academic background, standardized test scores, talents/skills, hobbies, as well as a personal essay[1].

The long profile is provided in the donor's own handwriting, and is available for $8.00 per donor. We strongly recommend that prospective clients review the donors' long profiles before selecting a donor. Please contact us for more information regarding the purchase of full profiles.


  1. Does not apply to all donors.
  2. Available in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Reader, a free software application, is required for viewing and printing this PDF document.