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Currently Available Semen Donors

The donor profiles available on this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Reader, a free software application, is required for viewing and printing these PDF documents.

In the Donor Code column, clicking the underlined donor code will display a brief, two-page profile for the given donor.

Donor Code Racial Group Maternal Ethnic Ancestry Paternal Ethnic Ancestry Blood Type CMV Status Hair Color Hair Type Eye Color Complexion Height Weight Body Type Occupation
E583 Caucasian Dutch, French English, German A + Neg Dark Brown Straight Blue/Green Fair 5' 11" 150 lb Medium Computer consultant / logician student
H807 Hispanic Puerto Rican Puerto Rican A + Neg Black Curly Brown Medium 5' 9" 120 lb Small Full-time college student (theater)
H809 Caucasian Swedish English O + Pos[1] Dark Blonde Straight Blue Medium 6' 2" 175 lb Medium Job Developer
H815 Caucasian Russian Luxembourg A - Pos[1] Blonde Straight Blue Fair 6' 0" 195 lb Large Lawyer (Juriste Doctorate)
H816 Asian Chinese Chinese O + Pos[1] Black Straight Brown Fair 5' 9" 140 lb Medium University instructor / mathematician
H818 Caucasian Dutch Iranian A + Neg Dark Brown Wavy Dark Brown Medium 6'3" 190 lb Large Research associate in lymphocyte biology
H826 Caucasian German Polish A + Pos[1] Brown Curly Brown Medium 5' 7" 175 lb Medium Full-time student (English and writing)
H827 Caucasian Polish, Lithuanian, Russian Italian AB + Neg Light Brown Wavy Blue Medium 5' 9" 169 lb Medium Full-time student (theater and film)
H835 Caucasian Irish Lithuanian A + Pos[1] Brown Straight Hazel Fair 5' 9" 145 lb Medium Office manager
H838 Caucasian Norwegian English/Irish O + Neg Medium Blonde Curly Blue Medium 6' 2" 200 lb Large Law student
H839 Caucasian Jewish Jewish A + Pos[1] Medium Brown Wavy Light Brown Medium 5' 11" 170 lb Medium Full-time college student
H846 Caucasian Sicilian, German Russian, French, Polish A + Pos[1] Dirty Blonde Curly Brown Fair 5' 8" 195 lb Medium Advertising / media planner
H848 Caucasian French, German, Dutch Irish B + Neg Dark Brown Wavy Green/Hazel Fair 5' 8" 135 lb Small Full-time college student (drama)
H849 Caucasian Polish Polish A - Pos[1] Dark Blonde Curly Blue Fair 5' 11" 164 lb Medium Full-time college student (computer science)
H865 Caucasian French, English, German, Scandinavian French, English, German A + Neg Dark Brown Curly Brown Medium 6' 1" 175 lb Medium Attorney (bankruptcy and commercial litigation)
H869 Hispanic Dominican Dominican O + Pos[1] Dark Brown Curly Green/Hazel Medium 5' 8" 140 lb Medium Medical assistant
H878 Caucasian Scottish/Irish Italian/Irish A + Neg Medium Blonde Wavy Blue/Green Fair 6' 3" 160 lb Medium Full-time college student (theater)
H887 Caucasian Italian Irish A + Neg Medium Brown Straight Light Brown Fair 5' 10" 150 lb Medium Full-time student (English literature)
H888 Indian East Asian (Indian) East Asian (Indian) B + Neg Black Straight Black Medium Brown 5' 4" 139 lb Medium Software Consultant
H897 Caucasian French, German German A + Neg Light Brown Straight Green Medium 5' 10" 160 lb Medium Production assistant
H898 Caucasian Polish English/Irish B + Neg Light Blonde Wavy Blue Fair 6' 1" 238 lb Large Forensic photographer
I900 Caucasian Danish, Czech Irish, Italian, Greek O + Pos1 Medium Blonde Straight Blue/Hazel Medium 5' 11" 195 lb Medium Sales Executive
I910 Caucasian (Jewish) Jewish (Ashkenazi) Jewish (Ashkenazi) O + Neg Medium Brown Wavy Dark Brown Medium 5' 9" 175 lb Medium Attorney
I930 Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic O + Neg Black Straight Light Brown Medium 5' 7" 130 lb Medium Financial Advisor
I980 Caucasian English German O + Neg Med. Blonde Wavy Green Medium 6'2 " 180 lb Medium Student


  1. Positive for the cytomegalovirus immunoglobulin G (CMV IgG) antibody. CMV-positive donors should be used only for CMV-seropositive recipients. CMV-negative donors may be used for both CMV-seropositive or CMV-seronegative recipients.