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Quarantined Semen Donors

The donor profiles available on this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Reader, a free software application, is required for viewing and printing these PDF documents.

In the Donor Code column, clicking the underlined donor code will display a brief, two-page profile for the given donor.

Donor Code Racial Group Maternal Ethnic Ancestry Paternal Ethnic Ancestry Blood Type CMV Status Hair Color Hair Type Eye Color Complexion Height Weight Body Type Occupation Available By
H879 Caucasian Scandanavian/English French/German/English B + Neg Dark Brown Wavy Green Medium 6' 0" 175 lb Medium Financial services Pending 2
I920 Asian Indian Asian Indian Asian Indian O + Neg Black Fine Dark Brown Medium Brown 5' 9" 148 lb Medium Investment Banker Pending 2


  1. Positive for the cytomegalovirus immunoglobulin G (CMV IgG) antibody. CMV-positive donors should be used only for CMV-seropositive recipients. CMV-negative donors may be used for both CMV-seropositive or CMV-seronegative recipients.
  2. Specimen testing is still pending for this donor. Please contact us if you are interested in more information.