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Carousel Storage System

One of IDANT's unique features is the use of a carousel system for deep storage of semen. These storage tanks permit the withdrawal of specimen without any other specimens leaving the liquid nitrogen.

Using a rotary carousel system, the specimens at lower levels can be removed by rotating upper levels out of the way and providing clearance without stored specimens ever emerging from their frozen state. In this way, specimens are continuously under liquid nitrogen at -321 °F (-196 °C) while being moved about, to minimize potential damage from partial defrosting.

By contrast, almost all other sperm banks in the United States use a rack and cane system in which hundreds of specimens are lifted out of the liquid nitrogen to remove a single specimen at a lower level. This results in a thermal shock effect as specimens are moved from -321 °F to room temperature. With repeated thermal shock, stored semen deteriorates progressively. At IDANT, the semen remains at -321 °F. The semen never thaws, therefore prolonging the viability of the sperm.

IDANT also employs the Cryo Bio System, developed by IMV Technologies, a world leader in the manufacturing of instruments and the developing of techniques related to human and animal artificial reproduction, to package the semen sample. The Cryo Bio System includes the CBS™ High Security Straws and the SYMS thermal sealer.

The CBS™ High Security Straw is totally biocompatible and non-toxic. One of its main advantages is a larger volume-surface ratio for an optimum freezing. Secondly, the unique patented compound is insensitive to thermal shocks, whereas glass ampoules or plastic vials are sensitive. Finally, it is virtually indestructible under normal conditions. With the SYMS thermal sealer, the CBS™ High Security Straws are absolutely leak-proof, eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination.